Monday, March 06, 2017

The Flight 93 Election.

Did passengers who knew the plane was about to crash take-over the controls?

//This is why I said I'd become a Democrat if Hillary won -- I thought it was over. I still think it's over, if I'm being honest. But if the Democrats continue 16 straight years in office, with no chance of punishment for any transgression and thus the perfect freedom to transgress on whim, then I'm damn sure not going to continue wearing the uniform of the army that's surrendering. I'm going to change uniforms -- I have to meet the second need, freedom from government harassment, before I bother thinking about the third, fourth, and fifth level needs.

Either we're fighting to win or I, personally, am not fighting at all. It's one thing to fight in vain for a lost cause; but to make yourself an enemy of a state for a cause no one is really fighting for?

Now that's crazy.

So thus the importance of the question: How far along the decline do you think we are? How close do you think we are to the point of no return?

How menacing do you think the left's ever-more brazen mobs are?

How insulated do you personally feel from the violence that is happening more and more, and with less and less condemnation of the Political-Media Establishment?

And in pondering that question, read this account from Charles Murray about the mob that assaulted him and put a female professor in the hospital, and then ask yourself:

Do you really think there will be any legal consequences for the mob?

Or do you think the Political-Media state will tacitly bless their assaults as "understandable" and hence not punishable?''

Does it not seem to be an inside-outside game going on? Community-organized violent demonstrators who are then protected, if not outright blessed, by official government institutions and all of the media to go even further than they've gone already?//

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Anonymous said...

Flight 93 ended in a self-made crater in rural Pennsylvania. Is that where we are now, heading straight for the ground with the Pennsylvania countryside slowly spinning in our windscreen? How comforting a vision for America.

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