Tuesday, April 04, 2017

CNN reporter who worked for Obama sort of clears Rice based on anonymous source who is Rice's husband.

Fake news has nothing on the incestuous relationships which are the mainstream media/political complex.


Anonymous said...

Peter finds another article on the Internet that coincides with his beliefs. Confirmation bias in action.

John Kasaian said...

So articles that affirm your suspicions as being valid suspicions
---aren't valid?
What a profound logic fail, Anonymous.
All shreds of recorded History then, which you suspect is valid is invalid.
Are you a Holocaust denier, or something?

Anonymous said...

Not what I said at all, John. The fact that Peter only posts information he finds on the Internet on this blog confirming his self-avowed "unrepentant neo-Conservative, Catholic, pro-Western Civilization bias" indicates he is no longer even attempting to consider any position he already holds may be false. He only thinks information that supports his views is correct. Its a clear reflection of a common human logical failing, confirmation bias. You post makes no sense whatsoever.

John Kasaian said...

Peter reads more books countering a
"unrepentant neo-Conservative, Catholic, pro-Western Civilization bias"
than anyone I know for the express purpose of learning and appreciating opposing views as well as logically rebutting them in an intellectual manner.
If you don't believe me read, his Amazon reviews.

Anonymous said...

Yet, John, despite what Peter reads, he never seems to link to anything on the Internet that isn't entirely consistent with his preexisting biases and said biases never seem to change. Your description is inaccurate. He never appreciates opposing views. Rather, he only demonizes and/or spews hatred at opposing views, here, at the most respective blog in North-Central Fresno County.

Peter Bradley said...

John is right; you are wrong, Anonymous.

Take a look through my Amazon reviews. I read books - real books, thick books, academic books - on all sides.

This blog exists for me to "hold paper" on the lies that we are constantly fed by the mainstream media, which turns on a dime in its narrative when the party line demands.

You want the other side? Read the Fresno Bee, New York Times or some other ideological hack that wants to peddle the party line.

But, as is typical with you, you just get the cramps when the party line is challenged.

Who links to me?