Friday, April 14, 2017

For 60 years, Leftists were complacent while Russians conquered and enslaved Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and Poland and Hungary and Romania and Bulgaria and ran slave labor camps and engaged in political murders and committed genocide against Ukrainians, etc., etc.

We had to be realists and they we had to understand that they had good intentions, we were told by Leftists.

But hack into one unsecured DNC email system and it is time to go to war.

//ONE DAY AFTER her network joined the rest of corporate media in cheering for President Trump’s missile attack on Syria, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was back to regular business: seeing Russian collaboration with Trump at work.

It’s “impossible,” fellow anchor Lawrence O’Donnell told Maddow on April 7, to rule out that “Vladimir Putin orchestrated what happened in Syria this week – so that his friend in the White House could have a big night with missiles and all of the praise he’s picked up over the past 24 hours.”

Maddow concurred, suggesting that only the FBI’s ongoing probe into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russian electoral interference will determine the truth. “Maybe eventually we’ll get an answer to that from [FBI Director] Jim Comey,” Maddow said.

The Washington Post noted that the “conspiracy theory” drew “derision from across the political spectrum.” But it was not out of place.

MSNBC, the country’s most prominent liberal media outlet, has played a key role in stoking the frenzy over Trump’s alleged involvement with Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential race — in lock step with the Democratic Party’s most avid partisans.//

Nice to know the priorities.

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Anonymous said...

I know, this is especially upsetting given there is absolutely no evidence the Trump people were in contact with nasty people from Russia. And no evidence they tried to hide said contacts. Right?

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