Thursday, April 05, 2012

This is the year that the Leftist media officially "jumped the shark."

Like the pair of satirists mentioned in the post immediately below, who seem to be in search of an ever smaller audience, Time magazine seems to have the goal of catering to the most chemically pure from of Leftists, who are apparently inbred to the point of imbecility. A veritable Buck v. Bell of New York liberalism.

Consider this clip of a Time magazine editor asking Governor Nicki Haley whether she will be giving Sikh taxi drivers a larger tip while she's in New York City.

Liberals have become a parody of the racists they have claimed to oppose.

Hot Air has the entire interview and suggests playing it from the 4:45 mark to get a real flavor of the condescending tone of the elite liberal media.

Time magazine is running on fumes. This interview may drive a stake through its heart.

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