Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who remembers that scene in Soylent Green where Edward G. Robinson is shown a beautiful scenes of nature...

...and then the state kills him.

Ann Althouse is spotting a move toward the Soylent Green future:

Trend watch: Segregated hospital emergency rooms.

Because there's a class of persons who need different treatment.

There were no beeping machines or blinking lights or scurrying medical residents. A volunteer circulated among the patients like a flight attendant, making soothing conversation and offering reading glasses, Sudoku puzzles and hearing aids. Above them, an artificial sun shined through a skylight imprinted with a photographic rendering of a robin’s-egg-blue sky, puffy clouds and leafy trees.

Ms. Spielberger, who is in her 80s, was even getting into the spirit of the place, despite her unnerving condition. “It’s beautiful,” she said. “Everything here is wonderful.”

If you think that's beautiful, you should see the afterlife.

Or am I taking this the wrong way? The NYT is acting like this is sort of posh. But one look at the headline — "For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own" — and my "Death Panels!" red flag went up. Let's make them very comfortable, let's palliate, but let's not save them. The heroic treatments are in that other emergency room, the one for the people who are still useful.

Soylent Green and Lord of the World are looking more prophetic every year that the left is calling the shots.


Lauran said...

That sent a chill up my spine.

Peter Sean Bradley said...

And it's coming to a convenient deathatorium near you!

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