Monday, October 29, 2012

As the Professor says, "don't get cocky, kid"...

...but here's an explanation for why Obama is toast with graphs and math.

An excerpt:

Looked at in that context, it’s pretty clear that (1) both parties have been steadily losing share to independents since the partisan high-water marks of 2002 and 2004, and (2) by far the bigger factor in 2008 was low GOP turnout. And there’s precious little Obama’s campaign or ground operations can do to keep Republicans home; if anything, the harder he presses social wedge issues to fire up his own base, the more likely it is that he’s helping motivate the GOP base. So he has to squeeze out a really large surge in Democrats to offset that.

That’s asking a lot. If you average out the past 7 election cycles, you get an average party ID split of D+3 in presidential election years (D/R/I of 38/35/27) and D+2 in off-year elections (37/35/27). To believe that the D+7 electorate of 2008 is likely to be replayed in 2012, you have to believe some sort of fundamental shift has taken place…but the 2010 elections don’t support that thesis at all. Nor, in Wisconsin, does the 2012 recall election. Take a look at the charts for Ohio and Wisconsin

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