Sunday, October 28, 2012

Democrat Pat Caddell discovers media bias...

...and is personally angry to find that the media is failing in its job to protect the American people.

Welcome to the Resistance, Pat.


Lauran said...

There's a story circulating of a certain General Ham who received word to "stand down" after learning of the attacks in Lybia, decided to act regardless in order to get to the Ambassador, and was duly relieved of his command shortly after giving orders to his men.

The two soldiers who were killed with the Ambassador, evidently, also disobeyed orders to 'stand down.'

Peter Sean Bradley said...

This will be something that will come out after the election, unless Obama loses, in which case it won't matter and won't be news and further digging in that direction will be 'bad sportsmanship' designed to tarnish Obama's name (unlike what he's done to Bush.)

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