Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Here is an apt metaphor for American politics.

In San Francisco face off between Tea Party and Obama supporters, the Tea Party ends up cleaning up the mess that the liberals left behind.

For people nominally concerned about the "environment," liberals generate a surprising amount of trash. As Obama supporters moved along in the line to get into the fundraiser, they left behind an impressive amount of trash, such as shown below:

Tea Partiers shouted "pick up your garbage" and "this is San Francisco, what about recycling?" There was no response. They chanted "Obama leaves a mess." Still no response. Eventually, a tea partier (wearing the black cowboy hat) crosses over and starts to pick up the trash on his own:

Other tea partiers join him. Another manages to find a trash bag. Soon the trash is being collected:

Not everyone was pleased with this, though. An Obama official came over and objected, shouting "stop, stop, stop." Then several more Obama officials arrived, including the man in the foreground below, to bully the people picking up the trash:

Check out the photos.

Liberals - acting like spoiled children since 1965.

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