Friday, October 19, 2012

Is there more of an unhinged tooth-ache and loon in the national discourse than Lawrence "Howling Mad" O'Donnell?

He makes Chris Matthews look stable.

This is the socialist putz who berated the late Cathy Siepp - then dying of lung cancer - for insulting teachers and who had to be walked off the set for calling a Vietnam Veteran "creepy" for objecting to John Kerry's smear of Vietnam Veterans as war criminals.

Here is showing that pansy I'm tough bluster thing concerning Mitt Romney's son.

What a punk.

Here's the tough guy trying to display toughness to intimidate Cathy Siepp half his size:

And her blog of the encounter.

What is it with these Liberal Irish fake and former Catholics and their need to display faux-toughness? My old man was authentic Irish Catholic from Brooklyn, and a former Chief Petty Officer, and he was tough and he never had to talk about his toughness in order to intimidate the panty-waste liberal teachers he worked with after he retired from the Navy.

They knew better than to even think about getting physical with him.

And Siepp nails his posturing as "Boston Brahmin/faux populist asshole."

And a little research nails the fact about these wanna-be tough guys. He didn't grow up on the mean streets of Boston; he went to a private Catholic all-boy prep school, his father was an attorney, and O'Donnell went to Harvard.

He's all about playing a role he never lived.

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marian said...

Unstable. I hope he is not married or with anyone.

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