Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mark Shea on Joe Biden's lack...

...of basic human decency.

Our Ruling Class doesn’t consist of people who actually take risks themselves. They send other people to go do that while taking the credit for being courageous. They are, as a general rule, cowards and/or draft dodgers or people who purchase comfy tours of duty far from danger. (Indeed, the last president to risk his neck in a war zone was Bush 41, shot down during WWII). While brave men sacrifice for others, our Ruling Class members get rich or stay in DC and fatten themselves while giving the orders that cause others to suffer so they can look tough. So increasingly, we are ruled by chickenhawks who, When their country called, found clever methods to stay out of harm’s way.

But at some level they still want to be taken for men even though they are narcissistic greedy cowards like Joe Biden. So what do you do when you are a narcissistic greedy coward whose policies and incompetence sent a brave man to his death and you are face to face with his father? You go all jock soldier on him, sidle up and try to talk burly man talk to him like you are in a locker room after the big game. You try to get him to welcome you as a fellow man because then you might not feel like the coward and moral failure you know in your heart that you are: the man who killed his son while you were at some wine and cheese soiree.

Only in this case, you are Joe Biden and you are so into yourself that you cannot gauge how grotesque you look and sound. So you wind up turning the stomach of the father whose son you and your boss incompetently killed as you try to turn even a memorial service into something that is, at bottom, all about you.

You selfish oaf.

These men should all be stripped of office and sent to clean toilets in Afghanistan till the war is over. That such brave men and their families should have to take orders from such venal and swinish narcissists turns my stomach. It would have been right and proper for that father to slap that man’s face and spit in it. But he had too much class for that. Way more class than Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, since my gorge rises in revulsion at this particularly repellent display of narcissism more than normal, I have an obligation to forgive Biden and I do. May God not hold this sin against him.

But I have no obligation to stay quiet. So I will repeat what I’ve been saying with renewed force: No decent person should cast a vote for this man or his boss.

I saw the family on Hannity last night. They had more class and Christian virtue than Biden could dream of having. Biden has been a national tooth-ache since his elevation to the Vice Presidency. Let's hope this classless lunk gets sent back into well-deserved obscurity next Tuesday.


marian said...

A Beautifully expressed sentiment.

Anonymous said...

"I have an obligation to forgive Biden..."

I was with you right up to this. Why do you have to forgive Biden? Has he repented? Has he asked for forgiveness? Of course not, and in any case no one can forgive him but the victim of his actions. Which of course means that his only hope is that God will forgive him, but God requires repentance before He offers forgiveness.

RayH said...

Sorry about the "anonymous" post above. The one that starts "I have an obligation to forgive Biden..."

I clicked the wrong radio button.

Mark Shea said...

Jesus says in Mark 11:25 that when you pray, if you have *anything* against *anyone* forgive or your heavenly Father will not forgive you. The myth that you are under no obligation to forgive if somebody is impenitent is just that: a myth. If you are to love your enemies, you are to forgive them. Let God worry about whether they've repented and accepted the forgiveness you extend them.

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