Saturday, October 13, 2012

"The Obama-Clinton Prisoner's Dilemma."

Robert Stacy McCain notes:

Here, we have two public figures who both look negligent over a tragedy. And they hold grudges against each other going back. They can both get hammered together, or can try to minimize their damage by pinning blame on the other.

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bill bannon said...

We blame Obama for all actions of his subordinates but as a Church, we protected John Paul II from any responsibility for his reign's time section of the worst scandal and abuse of children ever in our ranks by claiming that in his case, subsidiarity means this: the lower administrators are the only ones responsible when evil happens and John Paul has zero responsibility. But Obama is judged entirely different by us as being responsible for everything that happens on his watch while our Popes are never responsible for the bad but only for the good. We are thus demonstrating for the world to see that we are opportunists.

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