Thursday, October 25, 2012

Washington Post proves that Limbaugh was right.

The current Washington Post poll has it 50 to 47 in Romney's favor.

The interesting thing is that the Democrat-Republican difference in the number polled was 4%, i.e., 34% Democrat to 30% Republican - not far off from the predicted turn-out for this year, which has been predicted all summer!

On the other hand, on 10/12/12 - two weeks ago - the Washington Post's +3% for Obama had a 9% spread in favor of Democrats - 34% Democrat to 25% Republican.

So, was it the case, as Limbaugh predicted, that all of the polls up to the last day or so were simply exercises in depressing the Republican base but now that the election is looming, the pollsters have to get "serious" in order to keep their reputation intact for next time?

Makes you wonder.

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