Sunday, November 25, 2012

American Association of Pediatrics recommends handing out drugs that can kill to children.

According to Reuters:
Wading into the incendiary subject of birth control for young teenagers, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on Monday called on the nation's pediatricians to counsel all of their adolescent patients about emergency contraception and make advance prescriptions for it available to girls under 17.  
Because current federal policy bans over-the-counter sales of the pills to girls under 17, having a prescription on hand could help younger teens obtain emergency contraception more quickly than if they have to contact a physician only after they need it.
Calling the AAP decision "significant," Susan Wood, former assistant commissioner for women's health at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said, "it's not often you see physician organizations saying that their patients are better off without the physician involvement."
It is anyone's guess whether pediatricians will heed their organization's recommendation, but AAP leaders are optimistic.
Sure, abortion is a pretty nifty thing, but do doctors normally think that patients are really better off if they can self-prescribe?

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