Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Punch Back Twice as Hard.

Sarah Hoyt nails it:

A science fiction editor posted on Facebook yesterday that we must make sure that we voted for Obama, or we’d be back in the fifties with segregation and without women’s rights.

How can they even believe that? What part of the Republican platform had anything to do with that?


So, why did Mitt lose? How? The media. It’s hard for us to believe but our neighbors still believe it. Our neighbors know nothing about Benghazi. They’ve bought the cooked job numbers. They actually think things are getting better. I heard it over and over this morning from my college-educated friends: “Oh, good, now we can have a chance to get better.”

Yes, they deserve what they get, for their blindness, their willful ignorance.

But it’s not all their fault. It is ours too. We’ve hid in the political closet. We’ve eschewed politics in polite company. We’ve become what gays used to be: a minority that’s safe to ridicule. At that, I’m not even sure we’re a minority. I think the people who believe in the Constitution are still a majority in this country. It’s just that they’re not “racist, homophobic, religious bigots, uninformed, stupid, misogynistic.” Neither are you, you say?

Neither am I. I just believe in small government. But the media portrays us as all of those things — and so people never look at our true principles.

We’re horrible, uncaring people. We hate everyone. We’re stupid too. We’re something out of a comedic routine.

And we let it go on.

We need to stop being gentle and above playing the game of name-calling. We need to go Ann Coulter and tarnish the leftist, liberal, Democrat brand by speaking the truth and calling it for what it is - a form of fascism that won't rest until it imposes its orthodoxy on everyone. We need to identify the Democrats as the party of welfare and welfare as the personal failure it actually is, rather than worrying about the feelings of people who are taking our money and expect us to be grateful for it.


Karen Pansegro said...

Um, Peter, ceasing to be 'gentile' might be hard for some of us. I shared the Deadwood clip with my disconsolate friends, and I posted the news that stocks opened sharply lower in the wake-of Obama's re-election, with "Who could have foreseen this? LOL" in the vain hope that the invincibly ignorant might connect the dots.

Craig Bernthal said...

I think the United States has accomplished a shift in culture which may be impossible to reverse. I blogged on it last night on Huron County Extract. Hillaire Belloc warned over a hundred years ago that public education would become public indoctrination. He was right. Combine that with a media that is solidly behind Obama, ignores its investigative duties, and we have the makings of a soft-core tyranny: one that supplies our hedonistic cravings "freely" while clamping down on religion and engaging in massive redistribution. I may lay in a good supply of scotch and just watch it all go down.

Peter Sean Bradley said...


Thanks for reading. When I typo, I typo in whole grammatically correct words.

Peter Sean Bradley said...


My strategy may be the same that I use in defending Catholicism - I don't let the crap pass without attacking it. Someone wants to be an asshat about Catholicism, I educate them.

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