Friday, November 09, 2012

Racist Democrats Vote Out Black Congressman.

Why won't Democrats elect Blacks outside of majority Black districts?


Karen Pansegro said...

Peter,you don't have to answer this, obviously, but what are you doing to deal with your anger (if you're angry), in the aftermath? I'm so angry at those who traded their inheritance (and ours) for a mess of pottage, that I can hardly function. My childhood doctor used an expression,"first you put out the fire, THEN you paint the house," which would be really helpful if I could remotely distance myself for a while in order to heal. As you undoubtedly know, it's even harder in an overwhelmingly liberal environment. There's nowhere, not even in our parishes, to go for help. Public spaces are filled with jubilant, LOUD liberals, so even a simple cup of coffee is torture. Sorry to be so pitiful!

Karen Pansegro said...

PS This CANNOT be the end of Allen West. He's too powerful a voice to fade into the sunset. I will forever admire him for his response to some CAIR operative, something like, "don't try and blow sunshine up my butt." I guess Democrats prefer metrosexual black men to manly black men.

Peter Sean Bradley said...

There is going to be another election in two years. Given the history of off-year elections, the Republicans should make sizeable gains. Until then, Republians control the House. So, we are not repealing Obamacare, but nothing further is going to happen.

However, when Obamacare hits in January along with the new taxes, the economy will tank. Americans may rally around the government, but maybe not.

My personal approach until then will be to point out every last bit of hypocrisy and disfunction on the left. Given the amazing ability of the left to tarnish a moderate/liberal governor and to convince a lot of actually sensible people into fearing private enterprise and the Republicans that we need push-back using emotional terms. I'm going to start calling the left "moochers and looters" and make sure that the entitlement mentality is something that people mock and despise.

It should be fun.

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