Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bengazi Blame Game.

President Downgrade is offended by those who question his United Nations Ambassador for denying on five different Sunday morning talk shows that the murder of the American ambassador was part of a terror attack because she purportedly was only saying what she knew from intelligence briefings even though the intelligence community knew it was a terrorist attack and not a reaction to a Youtube video and because she was asked by the White House to go on those talk shows and give that information even though President Downgrade called it a terrorist attack even though he went to the United Nations and said it wasn't a terrorist attack but caused by a video that was blasphemous against Muhammed but he really didn't because he didn't know what the intelligence community knew or that his CIA chief was under investigation by his FBI.

Clearly, the people asking the questions are racist or sexist or something.

Does any of this make sense?

If we are charitable, we can say that this administration is setting a new record for incompetence by a President who prefers golfing to intelligence briefings.

Greg Gutfield explains it for you:

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