Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This is an amazing example of how the "privileged victim" mindset wrecks rational thought.

So, why the hell is an incompetent clot like Pelosi still in leadership?

You lose your party's majority status, you should resign leadership.  That's how it is normally done.

You lose the second election, then maybe even a dim-bulb like Pelosi might get the message that her time has passed.

So, it's hardly surprising when the question comes from a journalist about letting in "younger" - i.e., not you - leadership.

Watch Pelosi's reaction.  More important, watch the chorus from the women she surroundd herself with.

So, now, if you ask a question that Our Leaders decide is BadThink, you get mau-maued by the fargin' House minority leader, who apparently can't answer for herself like a real leader ought to.

No wonder our country is so screwed up.

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