Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eternal Light Shine Upon Him.

Robert Bork has passed away.

Professor Jacobson writes:

I wrote about this a little over a year ago, 24 years ago today, Borking was born.

Was there ever a more obscene spectacle on the floor of the Senate than to see Ted Kennedy, who left a girl to die and used his family name and political power to escape punishment, rip into Robert Bork?

It’s unfortunate that Borking will be what people most remember about Robert Bork, while Mary Jo Kopechne is at most a footnote all but written out of existence from the history of the Lion of the Senate.
 The lies and slanders levelled at Robert Bork by intellectual midgets and ethical lepers like Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy were inexcusable.

On the other hand, after losing the Supreme Court nomination, Bork did convert from atheism to Catholicism.  Perhaps being slandered by unworthy idiots was part of the divine plan to save his soul.

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