Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jeepers, if only we had some kind of way of identifying those men and women who wanted to take the great risk of forming permanent partnerships for the purpose of having children and then raising them...We could call it... I don't know...something like "marriage" ....and then we could specially honor those people in that relationship in light of the fact that by having children they were helping in a special way to maintain the vitality of their community...

....nah, that's a crazy idea

U.S. birthrate plummets to its lowest level since 1920

The U.S. birthrate plunged last year to a record low, with the decline being led by immigrant women hit hard by the recession, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The overall birthrate decreased by 8 percent between 2007 and 2010, with a much bigger drop of 14 percent among foreign-born women. The overall birthrate is at its lowest since 1920, the earliest year with reliable records. The 2011 figures don’t have breakdowns for immigrants yet, but the preliminary findings indicate that they will follow the same trend.
The decline could have far-reaching implications for U.S. economic and social policy. A continuing decrease could challenge long-held assumptions that births to immigrants will help maintain the U.S. population and create the taxpaying workforce needed to support the aging baby-boom generation.
The United States is following the Way of Japan, where this year more adult diapers were sold than baby diapers.

We are going to enter the "how could we have known" cycle of history after using up our social capital playing the "what could it hurt" game. 


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