Monday, December 31, 2012

More on the Craigslist Mom Story.

The Daily Mail follows up on the "sperm donor gets pwned by lesbian" story.

There is this bit:
Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner had been together for eight years and adopted eight children. They ended their relationship in 2010 but continue to co-parent their sons and daughters who range from three months to 25 years old.
I'm sure they must have looked like a stable family unit.

Here's the happy couple in happier days:

And it seems the Mom lesbian - not the "Other Mom" lesbian - may not be such a great lesbian since she's taken up maybe with a man (maybe).

The Brits must love this story about deepest, most mysterious, inner America.

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Lauran said...

The Brits may be disppointed that they're not all related.

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