Saturday, December 01, 2012

Obamanomics - Imitating all the good things that made the Soviet Union great... shortages and a dysfunctional supply chain based on command rather than demand mediated through prices.

Glen Reynolds writes:

MORE GREEN-CAR PROBLEMS: Fisker Suspends Production Of The Karma.“Because we have no batteries, there’s no production right now. Inventory is starting to get a little low.” Government-subsidized Fisker doesn’t have batteries because the government-subsidized battery-maker, A123, went bankrupt and doesn’t have a buyer.
Here’s an old joke: What would happen if the Soviet Union conquered the Sahara?

Nothing for fifty years, and then a shortage of sand.


Don't forget to tip the waitresses...before the inflation renders their tip valueless.

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Lauran said...

Seems as though Obama's imitating Regan's tactics against the Russians--but he's using them against us.

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