Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here's another idea that is going to work out brilliantly...

...because homosexuals are clearly "superhuman" and would never do anthying like molest Boy Scouts on camping trips.

When my daughters were little and had sleepovers at my house with their friends, I made sure that I would let all the other parents know that my mother would be spending the night because (a) I knew that it would make those parents feel saf...er and (b) I sure as hell didn't ever want to be in a position where any kind of crazy claim could be made against me.

But that's just me. Apparently, homosexuals are so superior to your heterosexual that they don't have to worry about that kind of thing.

Life is hard.   I certainly resented the idea that to other parents I was a potential child molester, but that's fargin' reality.  Bad things happen, and I don't know who is more of an idiot - the BSA for going down this road or the first innocent homosexual who gets railroaded for putting himself in a situation where that kind of charge can be made.


Lauran said...

Perversions take the low road, every time--that is why they're perversions. And now they want the BSA--a gold mind for a pedophile.

Lauran said...

Apologies, that's "gold mine"

John Kasaian said...

Why would a homosexual want a leadership position in Boy Scouts anyway?

Since this proposal effectively passes on the responsibility of child protection to the troop leadership, I wonder if this might be taken as a way for the BSA to insulate themselves from future lawsuits?

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