Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remember when dissent was patriotic?

That was so 5 years ago.
We were really misinformed back then.

The WaPo headline reads: "Police charge tree-climbing inauguration protester," but here's the story:
Rives Miller Grogan has something to say. The way he says it keeps getting him in trouble at the U.S. Capitol.

Now, after the 47-year-old Californian allegedly climbed 40 feet up a tree near the Capitol reflecting pool and tried to shout down President Obama’s inaugural address on Monday, a judge has ordered him to stay away not only from Capitol building but from the District entirely. 
Ordering this guy out of Washington DC seems misguided from a Constitutional perspective, although admittedly this guy's incessant antics does seem to make him out to be a pain the wakazishi.

Go ahead and charge him with trespass, certainly, but "exiling" him from the Capital City seems like something we would expect from Czarist Russia.

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