Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Atheism - Who couldn't love joy-killing fundamentalist puritanical pimples on the collective ass of humanity?

Good things we have atheists or the country could fall to a theocracy:

Who couldn't love these pimples on the ass of humanity?
Making as little sense to many as removing the "G" from the Green Bay Packers' helmets, a Wisconsin co-op football team composed of the private Catholic Messmer High School and the public Shorewood High School was forced to remove its new team logo last fall. The logo affixed to the team's helmets (right) mixed the images of both schools -- the Shorewood greyhound and Messmer's bishop's hat with a cross.
As a sophomore student, Sam Pagenkopf designed the new logo, which was approved along with about 20 other logo proofs by both schools' administrations. More than a decade after the Messmer/Shorewood high school football team formed in 2000, a graphic arts class project formed to create a shared logo for the team.
And the reason for scrapping the student's logo that was already affixed to the helmets?
It "offended" a mother and her two boys who attend Shorewood.

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