Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the one hand this speaks to a level of evil that beggars the imagination...

...on the other hand, if the atheists are right, we are all just animated clumps of meat, so what's the big deal?

Wife of alleged cannibal cop testifies in court:

 The trial of a New York police officer accused of conspiring to kill and eat women featured grisly testimony Tuesday as an FBI agent described the Internet correspondence between the officer and a man in Great Britain who spoke as if he were mentoring the officer on the art of cannibalism.
Agent Corey Walsh read passage after passage from emails and text messages between Officer Gilberto Valle and a man the government said used Moody Blues as a screen name and MeatMarketMan as an email address.
"I'm dying to taste some girl meat," the agent said Valle wrote.
Some of the passages went into sickening descriptions about cooking and eating women. Others sounded so absurd they bordered on cartoonish, feeding the defense argument that Valle and friends he met on extreme sexual fetish websites were merely engaging in fantasies.
In describing one potential victim, Moody Blues suggested "cutting off her feet and barbecuing them in front of her" while she was still alive.
Throughout, jurors remained stone-faced as they followed the words on screens before them while Walsh read them aloud in a federal courthouse in Manhattan, where the charges of conspiracy to kidnap and improper use of a federal database system could bring Valle, 28, a life sentence if he's convicted.


Lauran said...

"stone-faced" indeed.

Actually, this fetish seems to be going around--another man was questioned regarding his plan to kidnap, kill and eat a model he was stalking.

Tom Smith said...

The streets are not that safe anymore. We should be on the look out on every danger that we may find.

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