Saturday, February 16, 2013

So, the latest idiotically-moralizing, heavily organized, fake grass root, bit of politically correct theater we will have to genuflect to is "One Billion Rising"...

... which seems to be taking the controversial position that "rape is bad."

I saw a group out at protest corner at Blackstone and Nees on Thursday and had no idea what "One Billion Rising" meant.

Zombietimes (at the link, supra) observes:

But most messages at 1 Billion Rising protests inevitably end up being what I call TTTs: Trite Tautological Truisms. This “protest sign” is a prototypical example. “Violence Sucks.” Wow! Bold notion. In other news, the nation’s physicists held a rally today to insist that “Gravity Attracts.”
The main problem I have with 1 Billion Rising and V-Day and SlutWalk and all the rest is that they are purposeless — protests “against” a non-existent strawman. The only legitimate rationale behind having any kind of political protest is to support one side or the other in a contested ideological battle. But in this case, we’re protesting against rape,even though there is nobody in this country who supports rape.
Sure, there are rapists out there, but I kinda get the feeling none would go to a rally like this to have their minds changed, and they sure as hell don’t care what a bunch of protesters have to say on the topic (presuming on the off-chance that a rapist would ever hear of events like these, which is extremely doubtful). Rapists already know that rape is “wrong,” but somehow that knowledge never dissuaded them in the past. Furthermore, there already are laws against rape and sexual abuse — laws with amongst the most severe punishments in our legal system. So: everybody (except for psychopaths) already hates rape. Rape is already as illegal as it can be. Rape is universally loathed. What more do you want?

You see buddy, you aren’t the problem. You’re not a rapist. Any sane non-rapist man is “creating a culture of consent.” Policemen create a culture of consent. Old-fashioned values create a culture of consent. “Patriarchy” is a leftist canard dredged up from history as an excuse to overthrow existing society. Come to think of it, you are a problem, but that’s a different discussion.

Great points.


Karen Pansegro said...

Just LOVE the Quran quote in that context. How stupid are we?

Jesus H. Christ, aka your Savior. said...

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Karen Pansegro said...

Peter, are you not able to remove offensive material/spam? I'm not complaining; I'm just sorry to see your blog inundated with this crap.

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