Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey, Catholics! If you think that they are deliberately distorting history and making things up to defame you...

..they are!

In this case, "they" are the liberal scholars who publish books like "Hitler's Pope" and "The Popes against the Jews."

Long-time editor/publisher/liberal Catholic Justus George Lawler writes:

//The final irony of this larger scenario is that these lockstepping liberals are doing the very things they have accused the Vatican and assorted hierarchs of doing: protecting their own prerogatives and interests rather than those of the larger community; taking care of their own concerns often to the disadvantage of the interests of others; reinterpreting their own well-established rules to favor their shifting views; covering over obvious abuses of long-sanctioned regulations in order to justify their own practices or prejudices. Nor should the latter be read as referring only to incriminating sexual matters among various national episcopates. It must also be read as referring to other kinds of Catholic groups and less blatant offenses, such as - to take an example out of the air - doctoring public statements on the seemingly noble grounds of exposing bad people. It is remarkable how many abuses, whether of word or deed, can be justified by invoking the greater good. As other better-known defenders of Christian and American "values" - appearing in TV newscasts, not in Catholic journals - invariably and repeatedly say, "just looking out for the folks." But even these biased commentators would draw the line at tinkering with papal encyclicals, much less with rewriting them.//

Go to the link and give my review ofLawler's "Were the Popes against the Jews?" a "helpful" vote.


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