Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lawrence "Howling Mad" O'Donnell shocked - shocked! at Bill O'Reilly's outburst.

According to Mediaite:

Lawrence O’Donnell opened his show tonight taking on Bill O’Reilly‘s short fuse and how it was lit tonight during a heated exchange with Alan Colmes. O’Donnell mocked O’Reilly as being far too busy with things like Oscar parties to pay attention to the news, likening O’Reilly to a member of Congress who reportedly had no idea the Obama administration proposed a “chained CPI” program for Medicare and Social Security.
O’Donnell first took on O’Reilly’s contention that “cutting Medicare” is too broad a statement to count as President Obama supporting any budget cuts, with guest Jared Bernstein confirming that Medicare is a program and therefore applies under O’Reilly’s questioning. O’Donnell quipped that the Irish are known for their anger, saying that no one is quite like O’Reilly on that score.

This is the same loon who yelled at Cathy Siepp and Lawrence O'Neil. 

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