Thursday, March 28, 2013

The two phases of history - "What's the worst thing that could happen?"...followed by, "How were we supposed to know?"

Monsignor Charles Pope points out that we will not have lost marriage when the Supreme Court discovers a long-dormant right to gay marriage in the Constitution. We lost it - we destroyed it - a long time ago:

Welcome to the whirlwind. Yes, we heterosexuals have misbehaved for over fifty years now, and, in process dispensed widespread confusion about sex and distorted its purpose. We have loved the darkness, and now the darkness deepens with the obvious absurdity of homosexual “marriage” a misnomer before it is even uttered. But so is contraceptive marriage. 
Is Homosexual activity disordered? You better believe it. But so is contraceptive heterosexual activity since it is no longer ordered per se to procreation. In fact, it is rightly argued that contraceptive sex is really just mutual masturbation, it is not true or ordered human sexual activity at all. It is disordered, for it is not ordered to its proper end.


The faithful Catholic is right to be dismayed and angry. But allow this anger to fuel commitment to living and speaking the truth. Do not direct it merely to wrath or scapegoating. Let this anger fuel your commitment to speak the truth about human sexuality to your children and grandchildren, to be silent no more, embarrassed no more. Speak plainly and boldly, clearly and with charity. But let your anger fuel commitment to the truth, by what you say and how you live. Be angry, but do not sin (Eph 4:26).


John Kasaian said...

I just read the Msgr. Pope's essay.
We're reliving the challenges of the early Church in pagan Rome!

Anonymous said...

as per the scripture, perhaps your display of santimonious anger should stop with a church clergy that is so full of sin for God knows how long. Hell from the beginning.

Lauran said...

No scripture is necessary for the santimonious anger displayed by the leftists who are no less sinful than the rest of humanity, though fail to recognize the fact in themselves.

The sinful Church clergy are well aware of their condition with no help from the even more santimonious anonymous weenies who lack the stones to (1) reveal themselves or (2) see their own sinfulness. Hypocrites from the beginning.

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