Friday, March 08, 2013

Why does so much of the mainstream media read as if it was written by far left hacks?

Because it probably was.

Juan Williams "busted" for plagiarizing leftist think tank:

It’s one thing to be exposed as a plagiarist, but to make matters far worse, he was caught ripping off copy from the far left “think tank” Center for American Progress.
Geez, talk about intellectual laziness.
In a case of apparent plagiarism, Fox News pundit Juan Williams lifted — sometimes word for word — from a Center for American Progress report, without ever attributing the information, for a column he wrote last month for the Hill newspaper.
Almost two weeks after publication, the column was quietly revised online, with many of the sections rewritten or put in quotation marks, and this time citing the CAP report. It also included an editor’s note that read: “This column was revised on March 2, 2013, to include previously-omitted attribution to the Center for American Progress.”
But that editor’s note mentions only the attribution problem, and not the nearly identical wording that was also fixed.
In a phone interview Thursday evening, Williams pinned the blame on a researcher who he described as a “young man.”
“I was writing a column about the immigration debate and had my researcher look around to see what data existed to pump up this argument and he sent back what I thought were his words and summaries of the data,” Williams told Salon. “I had never seen the CAP report myself, so I didn’t know that the young man had in fact not summarized the data but had taken some of the language from the CAP report.”
Under the bus goes the young researcher. Slick move, Juan.


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