Saturday, April 06, 2013

It just keeps getting better...

....since the inmates began running the asylum.

Wesley Smith writes:

Leave it to my state of California to head off in radical and expensive directions. Legislation has been filed that would require group insurance to cover gay and lesbian infertility treatments just as they do heterosexual. But, as I note elsewhere, AB 460 isn’t limited to a finding of actual infertility. Nor does it require that gays and lesbians have tried to conceive or sire a child using heterosexual means, natural or artificial. Rather–as with heterosexual couples–merely the inability to get pregnant for a year while having active sexual relations is sufficient to demonstrate need for treatment, meaning if the bill becomes law, it would require insurance companies to pay for services such as artificial insemination, surrogacy, etc. for people who are actually fecund. Indeed, since the bill prevents discrimination based on marital or domestic partnership status, theoretically every gay and lesbian in the state could be deemed infertile for purposes of insurance coverage merely by the fact that they don’t wish to engage in heterosexual relations.
That’s no way to contain health care costs! Moreover, I note that health care law is being used these days to promote social agendas other than access to a doctor...

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marian said...

No wonder they wanted to revamp healthcare. They wanted to cater to certain interest groups just like with the MAAFA 21 DVD I loaned out... to someone.

BUT THIS fertility focus which is JUST The opposite of the contraception agenda(SELECTION) is written all over this..More social engineering...More selection of who gets to live and by whose choice...? Where is God?

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