Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a Brave New World...

Don't cry for the end of Western Civilization 2.0.

Western Civilization 3.0 is going to be so much better that it will resemble Western Civilization 1.0:

Perhaps we can simplify by dividing folks into Eloi and Morlocks: 
The buzzword among cognoscenti is “post-person,” defined in a much-cited 2009 Philosophy and Public Affairs paper by tenured Duke professor Allen Buchanan, as those “who would have a higher moral status than that possessed by normal human beings” (emphasis original). Buchanan admits crafting chromosomal ├╝bermenschen “might be profoundly troubling from the perspective of the unenhanced (the mere persons) who would no longer enjoy the highest moral status, as they did when there were only persons and nonpersons (‘lower animals’).” 
Oh, those whacky cognoscenti....

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