Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let's play "Spot the Hater" - 

From Hot Air:

I’ve had this photo from The Daily Caller up in my browser for days, ever since Vince Coglianese ran it, as it just keeps popping back into my mind.  The photo comes from a speaking appearance by Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard in Brussels, which Femen targeted for a protest against what it calls “hate” and homophobia in the Catholic Church. 
I keep looking at this picture … and see hate, but not where Femen does.

Normally, I wouldn’t post this picture, but there is no other way to tell this story.  One can disagree with the Catholic Church on same-sex marriage and the theology of sex on an intellectual and rhetorical level, and people can certainly protest those positions in a clear and unambiguous manner.  That’s not what is happening in this picture and others Vince has posted at The DC.  The angry, contorted faces of the protesters as they assault a man for speaking his mind — and who prays in response — provides a startling contrast, and a rather telling one about hatred.
Whether or not one agrees with Archbishop Leonard and the Church, his witness to the Christian response of love and prayer is powerful, and one I hope I can emulate when put to the test.

The picture is NSFW but makes the point.

I've been "debating" this incident for days on an atheist/Christian FB site. The consensus of the atheist "Humanists" is that (a) it's just a little water and (b) the Bishop represents EVIL and so deserved whatever he gets.

Welcome to the end of Western Civilization 2.0.

Western Civilization 3.0 will be filled with the love and joy and tolerance that only "Humanism" can produce.


Lauran said...

My apologies in advance--because I would fail, without doubt, to emulate the good Bishop if I were put to the same test. I'd floor those b*tches, one after the other.

Gail Finke said...

I have only seen blurred versions of the photos. I'm glad you posted this. I don't think I could ever be as holy as that bishop and I PRAY that I would never degrade myself in any way as much as these women have done in their way. I guess hate makes people stupid.

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