Sunday, May 05, 2013

Atheists are spinning this as  //Are rules meant to be broken in the case of God?//

God Gesture Disqualifies Team: High School Track Team Pointed To Sky

A greater concern is whether putative "religious gestures" are being given excessive attention because of a hostility engendered by a misplaced notion of separation of church and state.

Hence, is smiling forbidden? A whoop of joy? Hugging teammates?

It is hard to see how putting a hand up for a fleeting moment constitutes "excessive celebration."

We woke up one day and discovered that we were living in Bizarro-World where women marry roller-coasters but pointing to the sky for a moment is thoroughly condemned.

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Lauran said...

All of this is protected under the First Amendment--why does Obama and his atheist minions pull these stunts when they know they'll never fly?

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