Thursday, May 09, 2013

Modern life is full of these kinds of irony.

Lucky us.

Mark Shea observes:

One of the Weirder Aspects of the Abortion Debate in America

…is that it’s the pro-aborts who resort to all sorts of preposterous mystical claptrap to support their position while it is the prolifers who just point to the science. Prolifers say obvious things like “Dude. Does it have 46 human chromosomes (47 if we are talking humans with Down’s Syndrome)? Is it performing functions like metabolism? Then it’s human. Deal with it.” Meanwhile pro-abort mystics go off on fanciful searches for a soul and personhood and all kinds of other ghostly entities undetectable by the sciences. Most hilarious of all, when you point out that this is all mystical claptrap they say, “See! There’s no scientific basis for the prolife position!” You can’t make this stuff up.

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