Monday, May 27, 2013

The Boy Scouts Changes its Admission Policies.

My thinking on the Boy Scouts change to admit boys with same sex attraction tracks that of Canonist Ed Peters. To wit, Catholicism teaches that is not licit to discriminate against those with same sex attraction and since the Boy Scouts is not endorsing homosexuality as normative, and since both homosexual and heterosexual Boy Scouts  are supposed to be chaste, I don't see the admission of boys with same sex attraction as being antithetical to the Boy Scout mission of teaching moral probity.

Of course, we may suspect based on past experience - with a suspicion bordering on ontological certainty - that this is not where it is going to end.  We know from past experience that the next move will be a demand to identify any teaching that heterosexual sex inside of marriage as being normative as "hateful" and "exclusive" and then the Boy Scouts will tip over into stewpot of post-modern morality.

We also know that as that tilt becomes more pronounced, the membership of the BSA will plummet even more than it has in the last 40 years.

But as Peters says, that hasn't happened yet.

Maybe it won't happen.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the same sex attraction is an issue. The terminology "openly gay" however, is in my estimation the deal breaker.
To prevent a gay scout from soliciting another scout would be, if I understand the issue correctly, not allowed as we'd be suppressing the first scout's openly gay-ness! Especially since Scouts are supposed to be chaste.
The change wasn't supported by the majority of the local Councils. National BSA I've heard was bullied into this ruling. My plan is to stand by our local Council and Troop for as long as they plan to predicate membership on the "unabridged" Scout Law

Lauran said...

No sale, here--the homosexuals have no intention of "leaving it at that."

Anonymous said...

It's the nose and first hump of a two hump camel under the tent.

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