Saturday, May 18, 2013

The point of this story could be about humorless, oppressive feminism, but in fact I just like the phrase "walked in like Lady Astor's per horse."

Bras may be used to decorate bar:

I'll let Skowronski explain what happened when a city inspector stopped in recently. 
"We've had bras hanging here for 45 years. It's been a charm of the place. So here comes this gal, and she's walking in here like Lady Astor's pet horse, you know, and she says she wants those bras down because they're a fire hazard. Now how can a bra be a fire hazard unless someone is wearing it? Honest to God."

Dammit, this is America.  If Americans want to court death by self-igniting bras while drinking, that is their god-given right as Americans.

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