Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dan Brown's literary mistakes - 

Anthony Esolen shares my opinion of Dan Brown's writing:

We are still in Chapter One.
Outside his window, hidden in the shadows of the Via Torregalli, a powerfully built woman effortlessly unstraddled her BMW motorcycle and advanced with the intensity of a panther stalking its prey.
“Unstraddle that bike,” said the policeman, effortlessly writing out a ticket.
“Why should I unstraddle it?” the powerfully built woman retorted, with the intensity of a mule in the middle of the set of the Gunsmoke television show, refusing to move.
“All bikes have to be unstraddled in the shadows of the Via Torregalli,” said the policeman, with the intensity of an oak tree whose roots delve thirty feet down into the earth beneath a BMW factory in West Germany.  “Don’t you see the sign?  ‘No un-unstraddled bikes allowed.’”
Damn cops, she thought effortlessly, with the intensity of a powerfully built lady of the evening swearing at a cop.  Always making you unstraddle!
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Dana said...

I actually find this segment quite entertaining, in fact the huge belly laughs have made my morning.

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