Friday, June 07, 2013

From the "Lawrence O'Donnell is a walking boil on the ass of humanity" file.

O'Donnell blames Guliani for deaths on 9/11.

Twitchy, among others noticed this odious tweet from Lawrence O’Donnell last night: “Giuliani attacked POTUS last night for Benghazi so I am forced to remind Giuliani how many firefighters were killed on 9/11 because of him.” Fox host Eric Bolling demanded O'Donnell be fired.
But O’Donnell performed a longer version on his Last Word show on MSNBC last night: “And the urban legend, Rudy Giuliani is in the rewrite tonight. He has once again provoked me to remind you how much damage that man did to New York on 9/11.” After he slammed Rudy as an “unwitting accomplice of al-Qaeda’s,” O’Donnell borrowed heavily from a firefighter’s-union TV ad that flagged for exaggeration back in 2007.
O’DONNELL: Here is urban legend, Rudy Giuliani pretending last night that back in his days as mayor of New York, he was a successful terrorism fighter.
CLIP OF RUDY  GIULIANI: I truly believe that if competent decisions were made, the four people in Benghazi who are now dead would now be alive, and I`m not just talking about that t. I`m talking about in the six months before that. I believe that political necessities trumped sensible security decisions. There is no possible way, if I had found out for six months that one of my police precincts was being attacked I would deprive of it security. And if I did, there is no possible way the New York press corps would let me get away with it.
O`DONNELL: No possible way. No. No. You know, the fact that Rudy Giuliani was an unwitting accomplice of Al-Qaeda`s has mostly escaped attention outside of New York which is why Giuliani was in Boston today campaigning with Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez at the location of the Boston marathon bombing.
For the moment, never mind the depravity of Giuliani and Gomez using the Boston marathon location as a political campaign stop. Let`s, tonight, focus on the decisions Rudy Giuliani made that killed fighters on 9/11. Here`s what happened when Giuliani tried to play his superhero role while testifying to the 9/11 commission in New York City. [video clip]
O`DONNELL: That was the mother of a New York city firefighter who was telling Giuliani that her son was murdered because of Giuliani`s incompetence. The World Trade Center was attacked by al-Qaeda in 1993. The bombing killed six people and injured more than a thousand. A report issued later showed that the firefighters` radios did not work when they responded to that first attack on the world trade center eight years would have 9/11. Giuliani took seven years to replace those radios. And he did it through a sweetheart deal w a no-bid contract. Six months before 9/11, Giuliani replaced the defective radios with a new set of radios that also did not work.

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