Thursday, June 27, 2013

The other shoe is dropping.

After years of portraying gay couples as like regular couples, but cuter, and now that the revolution appears to have been won, liberal magazines are beginning to share that gay "marriage" will be essentially different from heterosexual marriage...presumably because gay marriage is missing a certain something we call "women," who don't typically see the "upside" in permitting their husband have sex with other women.


The dirty little secret about gay marriage: Most gay couples are not monogamous. We have come to accept lately, partly thanks to Liza Mundy’s excellent recent cover story in the Atlantic and partly because we desperately need something to make the drooping institution of heterosexual marriage seem vibrant again, that gay marriage has something to teach us, that gay couples provide a model for marriages that are more egalitarian and less burdened by the old gender roles that are weighing marriage down these days. 
But the thorny part of the gay marriage experiment is sex, and more precisely, monogamous sex. Mundy writes about an old study from the '80s that found that gay couples were extremely likely to have had sex outside their relationship—82 percent did. That was before AIDS and the great matrimony craze in the gay community. She also tells the story of Dan Savage, who started out wanting to be monogamous until he and his partner had kids, and then they loosened up on that in order to make their union last. “Monogamish” is what he calls his new model. But as Mundy asks, can anyone out there imagine a husband proposing that same deal to his pregnant wife?

Yes, we can imagine the response to such a proposition.

It wouldn't be pretty, we imagine.

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Lauran said...

This study also explains why AIDS spread through the homosexual communities like wildfire.

Homosexuality is a perversion--do those who practice it even seriously entertain delusions of fidelity?

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