Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Prom King President

Jennifer Rubin on Obama's leadership style:

Obama is floundering, in part because his leadership was superficial (play to the base, mouth platitudes) and in part because he is a mediocre leader when things are going poorly (i.e. when it matters). Perhaps uninterrupted success in politics after one defeat in a congressional race and the echo chamber of continual applause from the left provided him with a false sense of his ability to persuade and of the world’s willingness to fall in line. In proudly telling voters that the White House counsel tried to “protect” the president from involvement in the IRS scandal, we learned much about a White House turned inward toward self-protection rather than outward to plow new ground.
In any event, when events spin out of control or complex crises hit, Obama tends to complain that decisions are “hard” or situations are “complex.” Presidents adept at leadership and attuned to resolving actual conflict don’t talk that way. If the questions are easy or simple someone else can deal with them. The country deserves better than an AWOL president.

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