Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Not wanting to sound all paranoid...

...but isn't it odd that the IRS harassment of conservatives started after the Citizens United decision made it impractical for the Obama administration to ue the FEC to harass conservatives?

Even better, Citizens United hamstrung an Obama reelection strategy of wielding the FEC's regulatory power to stifle "enemy" speech, by delay and intimidation where possible, and with litigation where necessary. Thanks to the Supreme Court, the FEC was no longer available to play the role of crooked referee. 
So, enter the Internal Revenue Service stage left armed with 157 White House visits, a BOLO, and the standard Chicago strategy of uncertainty, intimidation, and delay.Oh, yes... and Lois Lerner, who broke the IRS scandal with a planted question at an American Bar Association meeting. Lerner, formerly of FEC enforcement, where she is known to have harassed the Christian Coalition and Illinois Republican Senate candidate Al Salvi. It doesn't get much better than this. 
Who needs a smoking gun, anyway?

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