Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The "He's a cracker" lynch party is apparently...

... ready to convict George Zimmerman based on the absence of DNA evidence - which is weird because DNA evidence was totally unreliable in the OJ Simpons case when it showed that OJ committed, you know, murder - but never mind that.  Here's what I could find on why no one is getting excited about the non-evidence:

While Martin's DNA was found on Zimmerman in four different locations on the front and back of the defendant's jacket, there were only two DNA matches for George on Trayvon's clothing. And one of those pertained to the sweatshirt the youth was wearing that night, under his hoodie.
Having more DNA of Martin on Zimmerman's clothing rather than the other way around could go a long way in supporting the defense's contention that the older man was being roughed up by the younger. Hence the greater DNA contact.
Forensic DNA discussion may not serve the prosecution well in this case therefore, including the fact that Defense attorney Don West pointed out only one swab was taken of the gun holster Zimmerman was wearing that night--and whomever collected the forensic evidence neglected to put which area of the holster was tested.
Additionally, the defense questioned why only one collection instrument was used to retrieve nail evidence from five fingers on Martin's left hand (and only one other instrument was used to collect evidence for the five fingers on his right hand).
This is important considering one of the main safeguards against evidence contamination requires the use of individual containers and tools in order to avoid cross contamination possibility. But more importantly, it shows a disregard for processing the crime scene and body thoroughly for the benefit of justice if only one fingernail from each hand was checked for evidence.//

So, maybe one fingernail was examined on each hand, but we don't know which one or if it was only one, and we have no idea what part of the holster was swabbed?

This doesn't qualify as evidence.

Certainly, we have a tragedy, but why the hate-fest when the evidence is showing that it was a tragedy?

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