Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wasn't this Obama's plan from the beginning?

Right Turns writes:

Like the president he serves, Hagel appears to be a spectator in his own administration. He says things like: “If trends continue, we could ultimately be left with a much smaller force that is well-compensated but poorly trained and equipped. That would be unacceptable.” You wonder if any of the political appointees in this administration understand the import of what they are doing. The “trend” is of their own making, and the results may take years to undo.
What is missing from Hagel’s speech is any notion about how he is making the Pentagon better or addressing our threats more effectively. He can’t talk about that, you see, because all of this is about budget-cutting and not improving national security. He sounds like the OMB director, not the person in charge of the lion’s share of our national security apparatus. And hence the problem.//

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