Thursday, August 22, 2013

Great job of screening who gets near Top Secret information there, Army.

Crazy-land...we live in Crazy-land.

Convicted Wiki-leaks traitor wants you to pay for a sex-change operation.

Manning’s attorney also denied that Manning’s public statement was an example of the narcissistic tendencies testified to at trial by psychologists. Coombs said Manning never intended for the secrets about his gender confusion that he told a computer hacker during online chats to come out.

“This is really trying to let people have the answer that they wanted,” Coombs said of Manning’s motivations. “She never really wanted this to be public to begin with, when the information came out, you need to understand that she gave it to Adrian Lamo in a very private setting, in a one-on-one chat, never expecting this to be public. Now that it is, unfortunately, you have to deal with it in a public manner.”

Coombs said he hasn’t spoken with Manning about sex-reassignment surgery and said Manning is not seeking to join a female prison population.

“I think the ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin, and to be the person that she’s never had an opportunity to be,” Coombs said.

A military judge on Wednesday sentenced Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking thousands of secret government documents to WikiLeaks, but with time served, Manning could get parole in seven years.

Coombs said he expects Manning would get parole, but the ultimate goal is a pardon from President Barack Obama.

“I actually expect him to get pardoned, at least that’s what my hope is, that the president will in fact pardon Pfc. Manning,” Coombs said.//

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