Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joan Walsh - Finding a way to racially stereotype white people no matter how absurd.

James Taranto writes:

//Walsh's conclusion: "I can only pray that a white woman faced with a heavily armed, mentally ill young black man would have done the same thing." (Tuff is black.)

The gratuitous racial reference--not surprising from the author of a book called "What's the Matter With White People?"--is bad enough. But the headline is atrocious: "The Story Bigots Hate: Antoinette Tuff's Courage." The URL includes the string "the_story_the_right_hates," making clear that Walsh seeks to stigmatize all conservatives as bigots. Astonishingly, there is not a single fact in the story to back up the headline. That is, Walsh provides no shred of evidence that "bigots" who "hate" the Antoinette Tuff story even exist.//

Walsh's spin was weird, and disconnected from the heroism of the woman who saved the school and the crazy man from death.

Here is Walsh's Salon piece.

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