Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thank goodness we have a Nobel Prize winner for president rather than that stupid cowyboy...

....*sheesh* ....what a bozo.

Victor Davis Hanson writes:

//Closer to home, the president claimed in 2011 that the Texas had historically been Republican — while in reality, it was a mostly Jim Crow Democratic state for more than a century. Republicans only started consistently carrying Texas after 1980.

Recently, Mr. Obama claimed that 20th-century communist strongman Ho Chi Minh “was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” That pop assertion is improbable, given that Ho systematically liquidated his opponents, slaughtered thousands in land-redistribution schemes, and brooked no dissent.

Even more ahistorical was Vice President Joe Biden’s suggestion that George W. Bush should have gone on television in 2008 to address the nation as President Roosevelt had done in 1929 — a time when there was neither a President Roosevelt nor televisions available for purchase. In 2011, a White House press kit confused Wyoming with Colorado — apparently because they’re both rectangular-shaped states out West.
Our geographically and historically challenged leaders are emblematic of disturbing trends in American education that include a similar erosion in grammar, English composition and basic math skills.

The controversial Lois Lerner, a senior official at the Internal Revenue Service — an agency whose stock in trade are numbers — claimed that she was “not good at math” when she admitted that she did not know that one-fourth of 300 is 75.//

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