Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is no bad news...

...and mocking the President is not allowed!

Instapundt writes:

BYRON YORK COMPARES THE RODEO CLOWN OUTRAGE with the abuse and violent language aimed at George W. Bush by members of the establishment. Yeah, but he’s a rodeo clown. The common folk should know their place. I wonder if he’ll have to go into hiding, like George Zimmerman or Nakoula Nakoula, to escape the mob-frenzy whipped up by the President’s political apparat.

But here’s the truth: All this outrage is really an admission that Obama is weak, and can’t withstand the kind of criticism routinely directed at other presidents, from Nixon to Clinton to Bush. President Asterisk, indeed.

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John Kasaian said...

The meat of the issue here is the obvious elevated stress levels and psychological damage inflicted on those poor bulls who mistakenly thought they were sharing the arena with the a Nobel prize winning deity---the god of the oval office, the guy who single handedly offed Ben Laden and saved Detroit no less!
Quick! Somebody call the ASPCA!

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