Friday, September 27, 2013

If only teachers could marry, part 2.

Fresno female teacher; High school student.

This is from 2012, but I missed this, but I bet if it had been a priest, it would have been quite the news story.

A married high school teacher has been sentenced to six months behind bars for an 18-month sexual relationship she had with a student, which began when he was just 16.
Megan Denman, 30, sobbed as the judge in Fresno County, California announced she would receive jail time for the crime and gave a teary apology to the courtroom for her actions.
'Nothing like this will ever happen again,' she said through tears. 'Every day I live with the guilt and the hate for what I have done.'
She has also been ordered to serve three years on probation but will not have to register as a sex offender when she leaves jail as doctors said she did not have a 'predatory' personality, the Fresno Bee reported.
Denman, who married two years ago and taught social sciences and cheerleading at Hoover High School, was arrested on April 9 but released after posting $55,000 bail.
She pleaded guilty in October to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and three counts of oral copulation with a minor. The boy was 16 and 17 during their affair.
Denman's lawyer, Roger Nuttall, had argued that she should not go to jail, citing other cases where women teachers had not served any time for similar crimes.
'She knew it was a possibility... It was a bit of a shock to her,' Nuttall told the Fresno Bee.
But she could be released from jail as early as April 30 with good behavior and work credits.

The leading study suggests that 10% of schoolchildren are molested by teachers, but that's not a crisis worthy of national handwringing or opening up the statutes of limitations to let stale law suits get filed.

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