Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's a good thing we have a Nobel Prize winner rather than that cowboy.

Some in the liberal media are getting it.
In a Thursday op-ed titled "Obama and Syria: Stumbling Toward Damascus," Time magazine's Joe Klein, a reliable Obama defender, eviscerates the president over "one of the more stunning and inexplicable displays of presidential incompetence that I’ve ever witnessed." Klein, obviously, is writing about the president's incredibly inept handling of the Syrian crisis.

Other than laughable Dead Ender Ezra Klein, Joe Klein (no relation, I assume) and his must-read  eleven paragraph brutalization points to a bigger problem for Obama than just his losing face with the world and the American people. What we are seeing throughout much of the mainstream media is doing something many of us never thought would happen: publicly expressing a loss of respect for Obama's lauded intellect and competence.

The media have always been ready to criticize Obama, especially when he is not left-wing enough to suit them. Attacking his competence, however, is another thing. Once the public loses confidence in a president's ability to lead, that president's goose is cooked.

Though some in media are still doing their best to carry Obama's water, they are increasingly in the minority as the scales fall from their colleagues' eyes.

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Lauran said...

If Klein considers the handling of Syria to be "one of the more stunning displays" of Obama's incompetence, where does Benghazi rate on his scale? Or the current unemployment rate? Or the economy under Obama? Or any other of Obama's "stunning" illustrations of abject bafoonery?

Just asking.

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